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Bruce & Greg Korstrom
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One badly tuned car pollutes as much as 20 well-tuned ones.

SOURCE: www.earthday.ca

Save hours re-ording business cards


Designing, Proofing and Ordering Has Never Been This Easy...

Our "Proof Ready System" is an online tool that allows you to efficiently order and reorder business cards. Within minutes you can order, proof, make changes and approve your projects online. Read More »

One-half of the world's original forest is gone.


Help save the planet!


Feeling good about your recycling contribution? Reduce your carbon footprint even further on your next short-run or time-sensitive printing project with University Printers digital printer.

Offering the same high quality output, our digital machine:

  • - uses 30% less electricity
  • - has toner bottles that are 100% recyclable
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Canadians are the number one waste-makers per capita in the world - and, by age six months, one average Canadian consumes the same resources used over a lifetime by the average person in the developing world.

SOURCE: Recycling Council of Ontario

People who think we're cool

Scott Stewart | Trinity Western University

" For over ten years the Department of Athletics and the Sports Information Department at Trinity Western University in Langley, B.C. has been partnering with University Printers of Langley, B.C. in the production of all of the TWU Spartans promotional materials.

Through this relationship Spartan Athletics have been able to produce first class award winning materials..." Read More »

printing: yesterday and today

The Bible was the first book published with its initial printing letterpressed by Johan Guttenberg in 1450. Prior to this, all books were handwritten by scribes. Colour process work was initiated in the 18880's just after web presses which were introduced in the late 1870's. From there Silk-screening, Gravure, Flexography, and Offset(1906) were also developed. It wasn't until the mid 1970's that the first use of computers in the pressroom for newsprint took place. This technology rapidly evolved significantly changing typesetting and separations. Computers merged with printing in the pre-press area for commercial printing and have driven desktop technology. Just as rapidly, digital technology has merged with commercial printing, driving the demand for print-on-demand service and hence, digital printing presses.

Digital printing technology complements traditional printing technology by providing the customer quicker turn around in smaller quantities with variable data options. It essentially enables customers to do professional looking projects more quickly, exactly the way they want them.

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